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Making a Short Film in SA | 5 Clicks

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With the rise in technology, it has become increasingly easier and less costly to create quality video content. This has been amplified with subscription streaming platforms such as Netflix, gaining ground in both global and local productions. With short films, it is no exception. We are experiencing a creative renaissance with filmmaking and now more so than ever – we can tell our stories.

Every filmmaker desires to make something unique. That is the goal I set every time I am behind the camera, or in this particular case, the director chair.

As much as I hope that my latest short film project, 5 Clicks is just that, unique, I plan to share a series of short posts outlining the unique journey and experiences that I embarked on to bring this short film to life. And yip, you may have guessed, it took 9 months to create. From concept to completion. As I had a front row seat when my wife was pregnant, the journey with filmmaking is somewhat similar (maybe it is a stretch but I like the title), where there were highs and lows, aches, pains, and yet, in the end, something truly beautiful and amazing.

So how did this crazy, adventurous, somewhat impossible to achieve journey begin? With 2 cappuccinos. September 2019, I met up with my friend Neil Musto. Once the delightful caffeine was coursing through my veins, Neil and I got onto the topic of content creation. We spoke of daring greatly and just going out there and making videos – without trying to overthink things. As we ventured further and further down this reckless road, Neil told me that he worked in a partly abandoned building in the Pretoria CBD. My ears perked up like a rabid watchdog. No ways, you work in an abandoned building? I asked as my eyes glistened with excitement. Turns out that Neil was working in a 16 story building, of which only the first floor was occupied. The remaining floors were completely abandoned and empty. I would love to film a movie there! I blurted out. Cool, let us do it, replied Neil. And that is when the idea took root.

As I drove home, my heart was racing (maybe from too much caffeine) but I would like to think that it was because I was just so excited about making another short film. It had been 8 years since I had last made a short film. Since being a dad of two precious kids (remember the whole pregnancy thing) I had decided to take time off from filming passion projects as they just sucked up so much of my time. But now that my kids were a bit older, I thought it would be a good time to do this again.

Within the next 24 hours, I had pretty much come up with the basic storyline and twists. But now I needed to see the location, to see if my ideas were practical and possibly achievable. After a few weeks, I was off to meet up with Neil and do the first location recce. The building was perfect. 15 floors were completely empty. What got me super excited was the stunning rooftop. Not only did I smash my 10,000 steps goal (as we had to take the stairs) but the view was breathtaking. The only catch, from floors 2 to the rooftop there was no electricity. It seems that when the previous occupants of the building left, so did the electricity. Anyway, I was not too fussed about that… but later on, it would come back to be a serious challenge, but more on that later.

Part 1 done.

Cheers for now,


2013 Press

Maggs On Media broadcast about the Best Mobile Short Film win at the 2013 Jozi Film Festival

2013 Jozi Film Festival Winner for:

Today’s Special Mobile Short Film|Best Mobile Short Film| Best Production Music Usage

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Music Video finished | Captein Skuim’s Langarm Style music video discussed on Jacaranda FM Radio Station

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I’m proud announce the Kaptein Skuim’s Langarm Style music video has been released. Jacaranda FM discussed their release of his music video on the 30th of October.

Music Video | Captein Skuim’s Langarm Style on Jacaranda FM Radio Station

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