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2013 Press


Maggs On Media broadcast about the Best Mobile Short Film win at the 2013 Jozi Film Festival

2013 Jozi Film Festival Winner for:

Today’s Special Mobile Short Film|Best Mobile Short Film| Best Production Music Usage


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2012 Press

Jozi Film Festival

Our Ticket eSandleni short film (please click)
This was a fantastic honour for us.

Music Video finished | Captein Skuim’s Langarm Style music video discussed on Jacaranda FM Radio Station

Audio clip (please click)

I’m proud announce the Kaptein Skuim’s Langarm Style music video has been released. Jacaranda FM discussed their release of his music video on the 30th of October.

Music Video | Captein Skuim’s Langarm Style on Jacaranda FM Radio Station

Audio clip (please click)

Jacaranda FM’s interview with Justin Sandmann regarding shooting Kaptein Skuim’s upcomming music video for “Langarm Style.
We just shot the music video yesterday, the 25th of October. What a awesome shoot! Great people1 Watch this space…